Independence Day Speech

“Independence Day” project, a collaboration with Marnie Hamilton for Fugitive voices, came out of a brief given by SekeChimutengwende, which was to write out a set of instructions & perform them. We took 2 political speeches called Independence Day, one by Jawaharlal Nehru the day India got freedom from the British, & Nigel Farage’s speech on June 23rd on getting “freedom” from the EU. We compared “Independence Day” speeches from different times, of a colonizer & its colonized. Recycled ideologies can be found within these speeches, especially to fit liberation & ‘freedom’. We used words to find contradictions, such as Nehru using English language for a speech about freedom from colonial binds, &Farage giving a speech on Britain’s “Independence Day”. Looking at lexical similarities helped us pull out different meanings & rhythms that evoke chants, instrumenting the voice & highlighting different underlying meaning within the speeches. We also looked into how politicians are the same, they repeat the same phrases, words, they have similar sentence structure. It’s all the same hollow jargon that transcends time & races.