100 Gaspee Street

This came about from an enquiry into non-place, which are anthropological spaces of transience where the human beings remain anonymous & these spaces do not hold enough significance to be regarded as "places". The train station is a space everyone uses, but no one can particularly identify to it. There are 15 audio pieces that lead one through the Providence Train Station capturing fleeting moments of human presence & interaction with the space & with other people.

Have a good day

Rolling in with the suitcase

It's cheaper at 4:27 in the morning

I'm going to get in at 8:39

Please listen for further announcements

Sliding out that water

Fly me to the moon and back to providence

Roast beef

Cash accounts with Janice

Left at the news stand

Riding the Escalator

Three white men on the train track

Train coming

Where is everyone going

Train Gone