Design Education

Design Education began with a manifesto & its thesis being- “Design is a way of life. Design is an education. Design is a tool for a better & more open understanding of the subjects entwined with our everyday lives. Design, as a way of learning, & as a subject of education should be integrated in everyone’s educational systems & educational lives.” I have always been passionate about instilling Design & the values it holds into the Primary Education System. Back home in New Delhi, India design is looked upon as a hobby & a luxury rather than a job or a necessity. In her opinion a design education aids in developing a society & their mindset. I conducted research in as broad & diverse a pool as I could find, & then compiled that data into dictionary-like-book that held the results. Further the results were filtered in six ways- index, major & year, alphabetical order, common words, & number of responses per category. The results unanimously showed that a design education is worthwhile & necessary.