This is the final film for the elective Fugitive Voices at the Royal College of Art. Boundaries, essentially (arbitrary) lines, give us this illusionary sense of control & safety. But those boundaries divide up more than land, they divide the people inhabiting it, by religions, cultures, histories & politics. The wife, MrsAnupama Singh, & daughter, UrvashiKaur, of General JoginderJaswant Singh, who was the 22nd Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army, talk about their experience of the India-Pakistan partition of 1947 in tandem with the Pulwama attacks that happened in early 2019, & the realities that followed. This film was made in light of the 2019 elections that are happening in India, & how terror attacks like the Pulwama attacks aid in religious segregation & swinging of votes. This film was intended to be shot vertically as to imitate the perspective of when one is horse-blinded by curated media jargon by politicians, other peoples varied opinions, & other perceived realties about a "truth". Vertical Cinema was also created to be shown in churches & I thought it fitting that a film that discusses the contradictions of religions be shot in that format.